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Meet local artist Andrea May


Andrea May is a self taught painter. Her interest in art started at a very young age with coloring, painting and drawing. She kept practicing and studied other paintings. Once she graduated from high school she stopped for twenty years. A little over four years ago she picked it back up again. Then three years ago she exhibited with twenty other artists at an open house. She immediately felt she needed to trash everything and start over. She started experimenting and came up with new work and was asked to exhibit at the River Walk show. From this show she was asked to exhibit at the Blend of the Bayou. She exhibited three paintings and sold two.

Andrea May

In 2008 and 2009 she exhibited her art in the Sugar Gallery in downtown Monroe during the Downtown Gallery Crawls. She then became a co-owner of Sugar Gallery with three other artists. In June 2009 the gallery next door became vacant and she jumped on it. She opened in time for the June 2009 Downtown Gallery Crawl. The Mystic Art Gallery was born. Andrea likes giving “young artists” the opportunity to show their work. She says there is nothing better than seeing the smile of a child that has been given the spotlight. Her motto is “You give a child a paint brush and they will give you art”. She also features other local artists from the community. She says there is so much fabulous talent in our area. Some never get the chance to showcase their talent so she tries to give them the opportunity.

Andrea’s work is always evolving and changing. She never duplicates any of her work so each one is truly an original. She works with many different mediums to create texture. She likes to find and incorporate old books, shells, metal, stones, etc., into her paintings. She even created several pieces using roses. Her favorite is creating different textures that make people ask “how did you do that”. She says it is not easy and takes a lot of time and patience. She typically works with acrylics but has used oils and watercolors.

Art is truly Andrea’s passion. She says “My Art, My Work, My Passion”. Experimenting is very important in her work. Andrea says that stepping outside of the box is what she likes to do best. She has never conformed to the norm. Andrea says “Art is in my soul and I have to release that creative side of me. All art is beautiful because it comes from someone’s soul. That is what I try to give to the beholder, my soul.” She gets most of her creative ideas at night. Everything inspires her.

Andrea works daily to inspire and support others in the arts. She has Summer Art Camp for children and classes throughout the year. She was recently elected President of The Downtown Art Association. She offers nothing but positive encouragement to those who want to learn and aspire to create art.

The Mystic Art Gallery is open during the Downtown Gallery Crawl. You can call Andrea at 318-237-4926 if you would like to visit the gallery or find out the hours of business. The next Gallery Crawl is Thursday, August 5, 2010 from 5 to 9 pm. You can visit The Mystic Gallery on facebook at http://!/pages/Mystic-Art-Gallery/133513560863?ref=ts and her personal facebook at!/andrea.may1?ref=ts


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