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Meet local artist Alise Carter

A Neverending Dream (c) Alise Carter
A Neverending Dream (c) Alise Carter

Alise is a local high school student that uses many different mediums. She works with paint, ink, photography and digital technology. Alise often photographs herself with various makeup designs and then manipulates them digitally.

Alise Carter
2010 (c) Alise Carter

She is self taught and has been creating since she was old enough to hold a pencil. When other children were playing with Barbies she was drawing them. Art classes in school didn’t work for her because she didn’t like being told what to draw. She likes being more spontaneous and drawing from her emotions.

Alise uses photography to express herself and the emotions she is feeling. Whether she is angry, depressed, happy or excited, she puts those feelings into her art for the world to see. She feels that she is in a sense a story teller with her art work. Alise believes that everything, good or bad, happens for a reason and that you should take a breath and be glad you are alive one more day.
Her biggest inspiration comes from her father who always encouraged her no matter how bad the piece was. She feels that growing up in supportive and creative family really helped her to become the artist she is.

You can see Alice Carter’s work at deviantart. She can be contacted at and facebook.


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