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Meet Lisa Stockdale- International Women's Day Recognition Award Nominee

International Women's Day - March 8th - is rapidly approaching. Thousands of events will be held across the globe to inspire, celebrate and honor the economic, political and social achievements of women everywhere.

Lisa Stockdale with the "Sassy Seniors"
Lisa Stockdale with the "Sassy Seniors"
Heather L Tapia-Abundance Video Marketing
Heather L. Tapia-Abundance Video Marketing

Ohio women are sharing in this year's 103rd celebration on March 5th & 8th through events sponsored by Purpose for Women International (PWI) to be held at Monaco's Palace located in Columbus at 4555 Cleveland Avenue. PWI will be hosting an International Recognition Awards Dinner on March 5th to honor Ohio women for their accomplishments in the arts, media, business, community action, leadership and more. To learn more or purchase tickets for the event, please visit

Lisa Stockdale has been nominated in the category of community action for a 2014 International Women's Day Recognition Award in Ohio. Lisa is a motivational speaker, talk-show host, political activist and senior advocate who currently works as a community liaison in the senior arena. She is the creator & host of Senior Agenda which airs weekly on Thursdays at 10:00 am on and Columbus Community Radio at 98.9 and 102.1 FM. The program covers a wide array of senior issues ranging from disproportionate poverty to second chance romance. Lisa uses the program to help raise awareness and call the community to action. She also authors a blog called Senior Agenda where she educates and entertains us weekly. She is a board member for the Franklin County Task Force on Aging and accepts several speaking engagements each year.

The following is a questionnaire that Lisa completed after being notified of her recent nomination:

· What is your business name and how can someone get in touch with you for your services? Senior Agenda with Lisa Stockdale - email us at or call the studio at 1-877-932-9766

· When did you decide to be a “woman entrepreneur” and why? I really don't consider myself an entrepreneur but I am an advocate. I have been advocating for women since my college days. I have been advocating for seniors since 2009. I do it because the need it great and the senior arena is filled with too many opportunists and not enough advocates.

· Describe your business services and why someone would want to work/buy from you? We aren't selling anything but anyone who cares about or is a senior will benefit from listening to Senior Agenda and following us on the blog.

· What do you like best about being “woman in business”? The opportunity to continue to advance a women's perspective as valid and meaningful.

· What did you think when you heard you where nominated for an International women’s day Recognition Award? WOWSA

· How do you feel about being a part of IWD history and the March 8th Columbus, OH Charity celebration? I am very excited because the spotlight is on women and that makes me smile all the way down to my toes.

· What advice would you give to inspire other women to own/start their own business? Surround yourself with like-minded positive women. Learn to turn a deaf ear to those who try to tear you down. Be true to yourself and never compromise your integrity.

· What is your heritage and ethnic background? Native American/Irish which is another way of saying I don't know anything about how to tell a story slowly!

You can contact Lisa by calling the studio at 1-877-932-9766 or:

Listen to the program -

Email -

Follow the blog at

To vote for Lisa or any other nominee, please visit the website. Also, please consider joining us for the International Women's Day Charity Celebration on March 8th from 10 am - 6pm for a day of women's art, cuisine, jewelry, fashion, flowers and information including our Bridge to Wellness/Healing Pavilion and empowerment discussions. Admission is free. Attendees will have an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for a variety of prizes. Proceeds from raffles will benefit the PWI Charity Fund.

Purpose for Women International (PWI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about women's issues and providing access to resources for women, families, children and local communities in an effort to effect change - at the local, national and even international level. PWI is locally owned and operated. Donations for the PWI Charity Fund can be shared at

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