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Meet Lady Gaga's Adorable New French Bulldog

This article originally appeared on Dr. Mahaney’s Pet-Lebrity News column on as Meet Lady Gaga's Adorable New French Bulldog

Last week was a busy one for celebrities and new canine additions to their homes. I first reported on actress and designer Lauren Conrad’s new pooch. Now, I feel obligated to share the good news and my concerns for the health of the dog acquired by the Mother Monster herself: Lady Gaga.

Gaga announced the presence of her new dog, a French Bulldog via Instagram, where she shared ashort video of the puppy playing with a chew toyand informed us:

Her name is Asia. She is a BATPIG I love her I'm her mom. @booconnor@brandonvmaxwell

Not having been aware of the other handles used in the post, I did some research and found out that @BooConnor is a fawn French Bulldog-owner team while @BrandonVMaxwell claims “I'm a stylist, but I'm also a model and an actress!” who highly features her super-cute fawn Frenchie in her posts.

If you follow Gaga on social media, you’ve recognized that she ebbs and flows with the frequency of her Instagram posts. As of the end of April 2014, Gaga’s posts have been all Asia all the time! Besides the initial video announcing Asia, Gaga posted a photo of Asia peering out the window of their private plane and the tag line:

Asia on her first flight! She just peed on my Saint-Laurent catsuit. #batpig

Additionally, Gaga shared another Instagram video of Asia flying ultra-first class and stated:

Private plane like Asiagaga, sip champagne like Asiagaga

Based on the outward appearance to the casual Instagram observer (slash-Gaga fan) it seems as though all we know about Asia is that she spends much of her time on private planes. I wonder how things are going as pertains to her house training and overall health. Considering Gaga’s report of Asia having “peed on my Saint-Laurent catsuit”, I speculate that there’s some challenge in reinforcing good habits of urinating and defecating in the appropriate locations.

We don’t often see news of Gaga and her pets, as so much of what is written and posted about her as pertains to music and fashion. So, it’s great to hear about Gaga bringing a canine companion back into her home, as she experienced the loss of her family's beloved dog Alice to cancer in the fall of 2013. According to Gaga states “My puppy Alice died. We had to put her down, cancer ate away at a little angel. My daddy is so sad, we all are, lost a member of our family. I remember her laying my bed, she knew when I was sad, or when I was sick. I should have been there. I just pray Alice found her wonderland.”

The type of cancer that Alice endured isn’t known, yet so many cancers cause a variety of changes in baseline organ system function that can lead to a many body-system including the 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs & Cats as given by the Veterinary Cancer Group (VCG):

Persistent change in appetite and/or water intake
A lump that is enlarging, changing, or waxing and waning in size
Progressive weight loss or weight gain
Non-healing sore or infection, such as persistent nail bed infection
Abnormal odor
Persistent or recurring lameness
Chronic vomiting or diarrhea
Persistent or recurring cough
Unexplained bleeding or discharge
Difficulty swallowing, breathing, urinating, or defecating

Asia wasn't the only dog that Gaga has been photographed with over the past few months, as we've seen her cradling a dog appearing like a blonde toy poodle or poodle-hybrid named Fozzi while on her Born This Way Tour. Fozzi’s location and health status aren’t currently known, but I hope that Fozzi is doing well and didn’t drop out of the public eye as a result of injury or illness.

As the Frenchie is a breed well known to have many health problems, I hope that Asia remains illness-free and has a great quality of life for many years to come. Learn more about the breed via petMD’s informative posting French Bulldog.

Thank you for reading this article. Your questions and comments are completely welcome (I’ll respond).
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