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Meet LA's Own LZZR


Every great structure starts with a blueprint. Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion,
Falling water’s cantilevered balconies, and Philip Johnson’s glass house all began
with intersecting lines on paper. Simple sketches of shapes evolved into buildings
that illuminated the essence of modern life. Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Lizz
Roberts designs her collections of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and
accessories by drawing from her intrigue with the shapes and processes that define

Born in Austin, Texas to parents who were in the lumber business, Roberts grew up
around construction, architecture, and all the elements it takes to build something
from nothing. This proved to be formative to the designer who draws inspiration from
her early memories of simple, purposeful, shapes and spaces and channels it into
her jewelry.

The LZZR story starts in a Hollywood apartment in 2010, two years after Roberts
earned a degree in jewelry design from FIDM in downtown Los Angeles, but the line
officially launched in 2013. With a seamless blend of masculinity and femininity
Roberts’ signature understated-yet-sharp aesthetic aims to redefine everyday jewelry
for men and women.

Since its inception, all LZZR pieces have been thoughtfully made as sustainably as
possible. All the bronze and copper pieces are reclaimed from metal factories in Los
Angeles and the sterling silver and gold is sourced from suppliers that work with
recycled or re-purposed metals whenever possible.


  • RECK LZZR’s first official collection, Reck, is a play on the word rectangle, and celebrates Roberts’ attraction to design and architecture. From the literal Reck Nail necklace to the more abstract Reck earrings, the collection is visually diverse, but also a succinct study in simplicity. Its simplicity ultimately ends up being the piece’s essence by allowing the wearer to dictate its style.
  • CASE In 2014 Roberts’ created her second collection, CASE, as a natural extension of Reck. It’s architecturally-minded and adds a bolder new weight and feel with the use of higher-end materials including 10 karat gold. The CASE Collection also serves as LZZR’s first introduction into suiting
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