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Meet Jordan Barrocas & Daniel Fogelson: The Dynamic Duo Behind Three Jerks Jerky

Three Jerks Jerky
Three Jerks Jerky
Three Jerks Jerky

As best friends, fraternity brothers, entrepreneurs, and Three Jerks Jerky owners, Jordan Barrocas and Daniel Fogelson are the ultimate dynamic duo. After attending college together at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, Miami bred Jordan and L.A. native Daniel came up with the idea to create Three Jerks Jerky, the first “Original Filet Mignon Beef Jerky”, after not being satisfied with the jerky on the market. The “jerks” put their careers in wealth management and the footwear industry on the back burner and put everything they had into creating their Venice-based premium product, which sells online as well as nationally to select stores.

By putting their heads (usually topped with some sort of L.A. sport hat) together, Jordan and Daniel not only came up with an innovative concept for beef jerky, but they also created three delicious takes on classic flavors, with more flavors in the works, that are sure to satisfy any jerky lover.

Original: salty, sweet and tangy flavors with just the right amount of black pepper.
Memphis BBQ: blend of natural spices that start sweet, but follows with a bit of cayenne heat! This jerky is also the only one of the bunch that is gluten-free.
Chipotle Adobo: fusion of east meets west with a Filipino style marinade covered in a Mexican inspired Chipotle glaze. This jerky has blends of smoky peppery spices with sweet pungent adobo blends.

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