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Meet Jacob Heal

Jacob Heal is a Boston singer songwriter with a background in musical theater which makes his moves on stage all that more theatrical. He graduated from the American Musical Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, California is 2005 where he studied acting, singing and dance.

Jacob Heal
All photos provided by the artist.
Jacob Heal
Photo provided by Heal.

Heal has never been shy to step up on stage and belt one out. He's been doing just that since his early years in the church choir. That magical moment when you know your life is about to change happened to Heal in sixth grade, when he got up on stage in front of his school and sang, "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from Disney's The Lion King.

Fast forward to 2006 when Heal won the New Hampshire Idol contest and began working and recording with well known producer Jimmy Landry at Audiostrike Records in New York.

Examiner spoke with Heal about his life in the world of music.

Examiner: After you won the New Hampshire Idol contest did your life start on fast forward, how has it changed?

Heal: "To be totally honest with my fans and myself, my life has always kind of had that fast forward button when it comes to my music but yes NH Idol catapulted me into the professional side of recording music and writing for the first time ever in my life!"

Examiner: You have a theatrical background so do you consider yourself a singer/songwriter or all round entertainer?

Heal: "I consider myself first and foremost a singer/performer. When I stand on stage and sing a song, a guitar only gets in the way for my performance and story telling. I learned so much about connecting to a song through my training as a musical theater performer and feel it's the one thing that separates me from the rest, it's how I connect to those I am singing too."

Examiner: Do you think that having a theatrical background has helped with your presence on stage?

Heal: "Yes it has and more than anything in the world, other than real life experience, I never just sing a song, I tell it's story which in turn allows me to be more human on stage."

Examiner: When you write a song, does it come from personal experience or do you start with the music first and then the lyrics?

Heal: "Before NH Idol and the album I co-wrote with Jimmy Landry I had never written a song in my life. So, at this time in my songwriting career I am still figuring that one out myself!"

Examiner: What is your biggest wow moment to date as a musician?

Heal: "My biggest WOW moment to date, other than singing for over 10,000 people at the NH Idol Finals in 2006, has to be the moment I made my 95 year old grandmother cry after singing for her at her birthday party. Knowing that I was able to give her back my grandfather (who was a singer himself) to her for just a moment is one of the biggest WOW moments I will forever hang on to. Music is the blood that runs through the veins of the Heal family!"

Examiner: Tell us something that you've never told anyone else?

Heal: "That is a tough question to answer, and we haven't even met yet." LOL I guess something know one knows is I have Celine Dion's Initials tattooed on my back :-D

Examiner: Upcoming Boston dates?

Heal: "We have several Boston shows coming up in June, July, and August."

For more info: and for details on show dates

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