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Meet Fred Olafsson: The man behind Secret Solstice Festival

Fred Olafsson

As you probably know by now, will be the only outlet from the U.S. to bring you exclusive content about Iceland's most anticipated festival. What a lot of people don't know is that Fred Olafsson is one of the men behind this huge project. Olafsson who is only 28 years old, has been working for Icelandic Glacial for most of his life and is now ready to bring you one of the biggest festivals of 2014.

Check out this exclusive Q&A with Fred about Secret Solstice:

How did the idea of Secret Solstice come about?

I was at a garden party last year after doing a gig and i suddenly realized that it was 2am and the sun was still up on the solstice, I thought then what a great day to have a festival!

What made you pick this specific location?

Iceland is one of the few countries that is in complete daylight during the summer solstice, it can also be quite a spiritual day. 'Hot Spring Valley' is a place that´s been used dating back to the Vikings, it´s alleged that people used to travel to visit the hot springs to bathe. I thought, not only does this place have the history behind it but it´s also in a valley, has all the infrastructure to host big events. Alongside Hotels, Hostels and camping all within minutes, it just seemed to be perfect setting for a music festival.

What is the process like when it comes to picking the right performers for this festival?

Locking in the main headliner is the biggest key, and getting the likes of Massive Attack that haven't toured for 4 years is incredible. Coupled up with support from some juicy Dance headliners will definitely get people shaking their booty.

Other than the music, what else can be expected from this festival?

There will be all sorts of food from Iceland, ranging from burgers and hot dogs, to Traditional Icelandic foods. Of course there will be Viking type beverages. There will also be lounge areas with nice decor and chill out zones. The whole festival will be dressed and themed with nordic connotations...basically a hint of Viking!

Are you planning on bringing it back every year?


What makes Secret Solstice different from other festivals out there?

24 hours of sunlight in Iceland with incredible views all around, with a Thermal pool on-site, 5* spa, unpolluted air and cleanest water on the planet to fight the hangovers. That is a winning combination, no one can rival....oh and did I mention, Massive Attack are headlining in the sun at midnight?!

What can fans expect from the overall experience?

I am hoping that they can come away with more of a sense of what Iceland is about and it's beauty. And obviously the best few days of getting to know some of the hottest up and coming artists and legends in a boutique festival setting. Super maximum fun in 72 hour sun!

We'd like to thank Fred for taking the time to chat with us. Stay tuned for more interviews and all things Secret Solstice! will exclusively cover Iceland’s Secret Solstice 2014 music festival. The midnight sun music festival runs from June 20th-22nd in Reykjavik, Iceland. For more information on travel, tickets, lineup and news, head to the Secret Solstice Facebook page, or follow on Twitter.

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