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Meet Ericka Pittman of Bravo's newest dating series, 'The Singles Project'

Tuesday night is date night as Bravo invites viewers to join the social conversation for “The Singles Project,” which debuts Tuesday, August 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The new, innovative docu-series follows a group of young, successful New York singles as they search for love and strive to conquer the city that never sleeps. Viewers will help these undeniable catches overcome their hang-ups, which may include getting over an ex, managing their high expectations or broadening their dating horizons so they can eventually find “the one.” Marking the first real-time dating docu-series in the U.S., each episode will be shot and aired within the same week. For a sneak peek of what to expect on “The Singles Project,” please click here.

 Tune in tomorrow night at 10 p.m. ET/PT for the premiere of  “The Singles Project,” ​only on Bravo!
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This series takes transmedia to the next level as fans will be able to interact with the cast and potentially impact the show through social media like never before. Whether it be helping the daters pick out their outfits for a hot date or submitting a possible match, the sky is the limit with fan engagement. Get involved now by following and tweeting @singles_project and using the official hashtag: #TheSinglesProject had the opportunity to catch up and chat with Ericka Pittman, who is taking the city by storm with Brooklyn sensibilities and a worldwide outlook. Ericka is currently VP of Business Development, Combs Wines and Spirits, where she oversees brand development. It's safe to say that Ericka has a demanding job, and being in NYC doesn't give too much time for dating. She opened up about the struggles of dating in NYC, balancing her career, and what exactly she's looking for. Read the full interview below and be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 10 p.m. ET/PT for the premiere of “The Singles Project,” only on Bravo! (Anthony Bowles): How are you?

Ericka Pittman: “I'm wonderful- life is my oyster and I'm savoring every moment" (Anthony Bowles): How would you describe “The Singles Project” and what can viewers expect from you on the show?

Ericka Pittman:“The Singles Project is an innovative approach to dating in today’s technology-crazed, social media charged world. It’s unique from any other dating show before it because we’re filming in real time, so the viewers can actually impact the choices we make by voicing their opinions through social media." (Anthony Bowles): How is dating in Manhattan, and do you think dating is harder here than anywhere else in the country?

Ericka Pittman: “I think if you can date in Manhattan you can date ANYWHERE!- Manhattan is the city that never sleeps; there’s always something to do and see. Because of that, people in NY are fast paced and have tunnel vision about their goals and agendas. If you can cut through the clutter there is hope for love, however hard to find." (Anthony Bowles): What has been your biggest struggle with the NYC men?

Ericka Pittman: “NYC is a melting pot of beautiful women and NYC men have too many options! Successful men have their choice of women ranging from Hollywood Starlet; Fashion Model; Major Corporate; even Around the way types etc.. Not to mention women of ALL ethnicities. How difficult must it be for them to find "The One"! (Anthony Bowles): You have a demanding career, do you think that intimidates men and how do you handle that?

Ericka Pittman: “While it does not define me, I suspect my career intimidates men tremendously! The reality is "the one" for me must have the ability to look past my career and recognize the person I am as a whole. I have an obsession with family, I bake cookies, and I also run multi-million dollar businesses and close multi-million dollar deals and listen to vintage Wu-tang clan all in one fell swoop. That's not easy to wrap your mind around. He's gotta be able to digest all of these parts of my personality." (Anthony Bowles): Has it always been easy to pick your career over a relationship?

Ericka Pittman: “It's never easy to pick my career over a relationship. I always want to make the one(s) I love THE priority however, I am a functional, successful adult so I understand the urgency when duty calls. Will I miss a family emergency for the greater good of business? Absolutely not… but might I miss a few family BBQ's.. - Perhaps" (Anthony Bowles): What is something that a guy who is interested in taking you out on a date expect from you on the first date?

Ericka Pittman: “I am really chill. I make a ton of major decisions all day in my work life so in my personal life I prefer to go with the flow. I would rather allow you the floor to display who you are and from that I make decisions accordingly." (Anthony Bowles): Using three adjectives, how would you describe your dream guy?

Ericka Pittman:“Funny; Patient; Loyal" Anthony Bowles): Would you describe your single life as an episode of “Sex and the City?”

Ericka Pittman:“My friends and I often joke about how HBO NAILED “Sex and the City! It was a true testament to life in NYC. While I’m not remotely close to living the liberated single life THOSE ladies lived, I can say that yes my "you never know what's going to happen next" barometer has always been on 10!" (Anthony Bowles): Can you instantly tell what guy is from Manhattan and who is from Brooklyn, and do you notice anything different about their dating style/approach?

Ericka Pittman: “Honestly, I can't tell who is who from where. New York is full of transplants and with the advancement of technology style cues can come from anywhere in the world these days. It takes a bit of getting to know to plot a person geographically." (Anthony Bowles): Lastly, what can viewers expect when they tune in?

Ericka Pittman: “Viewers can expect a different example of how a successful woman of color and with distinction operates on television. I was born and bred a lady and while I have very traditional views and values surrounding relationships, I can be a bulldog at my core and will steam roll anyone in my way, with a smile of course. That can take a bit of getting used to. Thank God for dimples...."

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