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Meet emerging 18-year-old Californian singer Kathryn Dean

Up-and-coming artist Kathryn Dean releases her debut on September 9. Check out some photos of this emerging singer.
Up-and-coming artist Kathryn Dean releases her debut on September 9. Check out some photos of this emerging singer.
Courtesy of Much & House PR

Kathryn Dean is about to make her introduction to the music world. With her self-titled EP arriving on Tuesday, the 18-year-old singer from California is excited for audiences to hear what she has to say and how beautifully she can say it. We sat down with Kathryn earlier this week to get to know this emerging artist.

Meet young up-and-coming music sensation Kathryn Dean, whose debut EP releases next week.
Courtesy of Much & House PR

"My number one thing is that I write all my own songs. Music, lyrics, everything, all of it. Except for there's a couple songs where I've done co-writes," she explained. "I also think that my music, at least for me just writing it, is very cathartic. I hope my music is as therapeutic for listeners as it is for me to write."

As a developing performer at a relatively young age, she finds herself in a unique position. Kathryn has to put in all the time and effort required to establish herself as a singer - the shows, the social media, the marketing - but being under 21, she's still got to balance a life that includes college classes and extensive volunteer work, and watch where she goes when she plays in venues with alcohol on the premises.

"I perform sometimes at Molly Malone's, which has a bar attached to it," she laughed, "so I can't go into the audience and I get escorted to the bathroom!"

But she takes that hitch, and all the other requirements of her chosen profession, in stride. "Music has evolved over the last decade," Kathryn said. "You have to have this huge social media following. You perform in different kinds of places. You basically have to put in all the work. It's a whole different game now. "

"I love all of the other elements of the music industry. Social media and all that stuff," she told us. "But at the end of the day, my true love and passion is singing, writing songs and performing."

And that's what she thinks about when she considers what her career might hold in the future. "Every day when I wake up and I get to go out and do what I love, I'm already kind of living the dream in that sense," Kathryn reflected. "I guess for me, my moment of glory would kind of be if someone comes up to me and says that your music touched me or helped me get through a difficult time in my life. That's when I'll know I've fulfilled my purpose."

Kathryn Dean's EP release party is Friday, September 5 at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles; her EP is formally available this coming Tuesday, September 9. For more on Kathryn, visit her official website ( and follow her on Twitter (@RealKathrynDean).

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