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Meet Drink of Ages in the Buff this Friday

Buffalo Bayou Brewing
Buffalo Bayou Brewing
Buffalo Bayou Brewing

What do you get when you mix a live radio broadcast with the Houston area’s most creative brewing operation? You get Drink of Ages in the Buff, the first ever Drink of Ages road show, coming at you this Friday evening. Here are the facts:

Event: Drink of Ages in the Buff

Location: Buffalo Bayou Brewing, 5301 Nolda Street, Houston, TX

Date and Time: Friday, May 2, 2014 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Drink of Ages in the Buff (I just like saying that, for some reason) marks the first time the popular radio show, Drink of Ages, has hit the road for a live broadcast. Drink of Ages hosts Jon Denman and Preston Brown are ready to entertain the crowd at this after- work event and if I had to place a bet, I predict they will likely enjoy a glass or two of beer before the night is through.

As part of the evening of entertainment, live music will be presented by Journey Agents and guests are welcome to jump out on the floor and show the crowd their best dance moves. The cost of the event is just $15 per adult age 21 and up and includes a special glass filled with Buffalo Bayou Heritage Brew 1836 plus tokens for three additional beers.

Click here to purchase tickets

Live radio combined with the delicious craft beer served at Buffalo Bayou Brewing can add up to many things. Find out for yourself this Friday at Drink of Ages in the Buff but make sure to act quickly. Tickets are limited to 200 guests, so follow the above link and buy your tickets today!