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Meet Daisy Duck at Disneyland

Daisy Duck made a rare appearance on Main Street USA. The best duck girlfriend around, Daisy Duck came into Donald Duck’s life in 1937. She has scheduled appearances throughout the summer.

Daisy and Donald greet guests on Main Street USA.
Kate O'Mara
Daisy Duck greets guests on Main Street USA
Kate O'Mara

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck are Pekin Ducks, sporting white feathers and bright duck bills and feet Daisy is the high maintenance girl with long eyelashes indigo eyes and a perfect matching clothes and bow in her hair.

Daisy, the lady duck tames Donald, the first angry duck, in eleven short films and several feature films. She first appeared in 1937 playing the role of Donna Duck. Later, claiming her own name in the short films, she let her fondness for Donald spur her along to accompanying him on trips and in a variety of adventures where she wasn’t invited. Still, the classy girl duck makes Donald a better duck for knowing her.

Since Daisy and Donald haven’t started a family yet, they do have extended family. Donald’s nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie are also Daisy’s nephews by marriage. She is also the aunt to the boys counterparts, her nieces, April, May and June.

Not a regular character found at Disneyland, Daisy has been seen both in the parade and greeting guests on Main Street USA this year. One evening Daisy and Donald were located on early side of the entrance to the Main Street Theater. Meet and Greet lines were of equal length with guests wanting to shake hands and take photos with each of the ducks.

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