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Meet Clinique: 3-Step Skin Care in 3 Minutes a Day

Three minutes and three steps a day are all you need for great skin.
Three minutes and three steps a day are all you need for great skin.

Like most women, I like to change my beauty routines from time to time. Though my make-up repertoire is hardly extensive, I can't seem to commit to one moisturizer, one make-up remover or one facial cleanser.

There are a few products that I couldn't imagine parting with, though. Since I was old enough to wear make-up I've used Clinique Balanced Make-Up Base and later, Quickliner for Eyes in Black/Brown. When I lived in New York, I usually darted in and out of Sephora during lunch time whenever I was running low on either item, stuffing it into my purse so I could return to the office without the evidence of a midday shopping trip.

Last week I stopped by the Clinique Counter at the Macy's Water Tower location (for my beloved Quickliner), near closing time, only to meet three of the friendliest consultants who told me about their upcoming "3-Step Skin Care" promotion. 

From this Thursday, January 28 through Sunday, February 7 Clinique is hosting its Spring 2010 3-Step Promotion: buy one of the three products in the set, get the other two free. With three simple steps:  Liquid Facial Soup, Clarifying Lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturizer, it couldn't be any easier to maintain great skin.

Stop by this weekend (Saturday, January 30 or Sunday, January 31) and mention this post to Jamie, Tracy or Kathy for skin health tips, free samples and much more.