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Meet Chris Mcdermott

Singer songwriter Chris Mcdermott
Singer songwriter Chris Mcdermott
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Chris Mcdermott is a singer and song writer who has played, recorded, toured, and studied with some great musicians both as leader and as sideman. He's also shared the stage with the legendary BB King, Dr John, G Love, Johnny Winter, Nora Jones, Pete Townsend and Wycleff Jean.

Mcdermott is also a part time instructor at Berklee College of Music when he's not performing for parrots in the jungles of the Dominican Republic where he resided for many months.

His music is a combination of soul, jazz, flamenco and a little bit gypsy. To date he has released five albums but has produced and played on many more. Radio Ghosts, his most recent release is currently receiving airplay on over two hundred stations across U.S.A.

Examiner spoke with Mcdermott about his life, his music and whatever else we could find out.

Examiner: What brought you in to the music business?

Mcdermott: "My absolute love of music and the desire to affect people in a positive way. Realizing it is my path of growth, challenges, creativity and spirituality has made me a musician. The business of music however recognizes about 1/10 of what I just listed as my reasons for playing music. Doing well in the business can allow you to pursue and maintain that balance. I wish I was better at it."

Examiner: What advice would you give to new musicians?

Mcdermott: "If you are truly in the pursuit of original ideas, personal growth, and being in a position to inspire people and help them realize themselves, then keep going and don't ever stop. The rewards are greater than the pitfalls. If you are not, then stop, do something else."

Examiner: Tell us about your career thus far?

Mcdermott: "I released 5 CD's of my own and have been through many changes stylistically. All of this is based on my love for what I hear and my personal experiences. I've played with many, many great musicians in many beautiful places around the world and have been very fortunate."

Examiner: Upcoming shows?

Mcdermott: "While I am still here in Boston I teach at Berklee and will be doing a few local shows. the next is Aug 2 8pm in Ayer Ma. at Marko's Kitchen on Main st. It will feature John Lockwood on Bass and Jorge Perez Albela on drums and percussion a great trio Thn I'm off to work between Stockholm and Berlin. The first thing I will do is a two week tour in Serbia starting sept. 17. I hear the trout fishing in Serbia is amazing so I hope to bring my fly rod."

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