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Meet Charlie's Angels: Catering to the health- focused family

A delicious Caribbean dish by Charlie's Angels
A delicious Caribbean dish by Charlie's Angels
Charlie's Angels Catering and Event Planners

Started by two sisters who wished to honor the dad “Charlie”, Charlie’s Angels specializes in healthy cooking without compromising taste. They offer a variety of cuisines including Caribbean, Indian, Italian, and Spanish.

I literally stumbled into one of the sisters, Max, at the gym. When she explained their approach, I placed an order for my family. They focus on small scale catering and family meals. They even have a school lunch program for area private schools.

Here is the nutritional information for the meal we had:

Turkey Meatballs - 8 pieces

Calories - 160, Fat 24%, Carbs 4%, Sodium less than 2%

Rice & Beans - 1/2 cup

Calories - 140, Fat 4%, Carbs 8%, Sodium less than 2%

Jerk chicken (dark meat) - 1 piece

Calories 160, Fat 6%, Carbs 2%, Sodium less than 2%

Cabbage & Carrots - 1/2 cup

Calories 60 calories, Carbs 1%, Fiber 3%, Sodium less than 2%

Max delivered the meal pipping hot and delicious. The prices are more than reasonable, I paid around $35 to feed my family of five. With our crazy summer schedule, I was thrilled to find this healthier option. I even programed their contact information into my phone!

I wonder how they manage to cut the fat and calories and maintain the taste. I’ve tried pressing Max for her ‘secrets’. So far, she has managed to avoid answering by simply referring to their slogan “It’s All in the Herbs and Spices!”



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