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Meet Baddie Winkle; Twitter’s Hippest Granny Who Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Baddie Winkle "Love Sucks"
Baddie Winkle "Love Sucks"

I was recently visiting with some friends, playing Cards Against Humanity like any normal person, when randomly between giving the “Academy Award for ‘Not Giving A Shit About The Third World’” and a beer, one of friends exclaimed that “she has over 40 thousand followers!”

Obviously I had to ask, “Who?”

To which I discovered it was none other than his grandmother; the adorably spunky, miss Baddie Winkle. With a little help from one of her seven grandchildren, the 86-year-old had recently joined the twitterverse and was now raking in followers by the thousands. He describes the Twitter superstar as someone who loves attention and assures me that she is just as funny in real life as you’d imagine her to be from her feed and Instagram (which has well over 7 thousand followers including Rihanna!)

After one day she had over 10 thousand followers, a few days later (during our game) she was pushing past 40 thousand and today (as I’m writing this) she stands at about 128 thousand. Though, by now she’s probably well past that.

“I think it’s very fascinating and exciting in a way since I’ve never had this much attention before in my whole life, it’s just fun,” Baddie told PopWrapped of her new found fame.

Join us and help get Baddie on Ellen! Check out for more info.

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