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Meet Author And Business Woman Kisha Green.

If you don't know Kisha Green by now, you need to get one of her books and see what her name is all about.
If you don't know Kisha Green by now, you need to get one of her books and see what her name is all about.
Kisha Green

Being no stranger to the literary arena nor the people in it, Kisha Green is the owner of "Diva Books Inc", as well as the host of "Writers Life Chats", as well as an author of many books herself. Being an avid reader herself, Kisha knows how to create powerful reads that have gained her a massive following of dedicated readers, fans and friends.

All Around Business Woman Kisha Green
Kisha Green

With page turning novels such as "If It Ain't One It's Another", "On Da Corner", "Fefe's Freaky Tales", "The Pleasure Principle", and "Til Lies Do Us Apart", Kisha brings different styles of writing to a large group of readers. Readers that have been faithful, keeping her novels in full demand every time one is released. It was my pleasure to have this interview with Kisha, as she allowed Examiner inside her world and thought process.

A process that has allowed Kisha to build an on going empire, which consist of novels, a blog talk radio show, as well as the skills to represent seasoned big named authors. Showing others what hard work, focus, and dedication can get a person in this literary industry. Here is what Kisha Green had to tell

1.Q How and when did you discover you wanted to be an author?

A. I always kept a journal as a teen but it was not until 1999, when I truly considered it for real, after reading some of my journals and seeing that they read like novels.

2.Q When you started writing your first book, what was the hardest things you had to overcome?

A. I started writing my debut but had to stop when my mother got sick, which she eventually died, causing me to loose my whole motivation to finish. After taking a long hiatus from writing, I sat down and finished the book that I dedicated to the memory of my mother.

3.Q With so many new authors coming into the literary arena, what keeps you standing out from all the rest?

A. I am Kisha Green and do not pretend to be anyone else, so if readers are looking for emotionally accurate stories, than they should read mine.

4.Q From your first book to your last book, how have you grown as a writer?

A. I can definitely see my growth in many areas of my writing abilities, while I still have room for improvements, this is my motivation to become greater than I currently am.

5.Q Since being an accomplished writer, can you tell Examiner readers the do's and don'ts that you have learnt along the way?

A. Research the business first and foremost, then most importantly figure out what you want out of publishing, as well as what you want to be known for. You want to be successful, you must surround yourself around successful people. So study those in the same position you are trying to step into, while not trying to compare their success with the success you seek as your own.

6.Q Your book titles have continued to be catchy, what are the inspirations behind your book titles?

A. The book titles are always something to do with the story I am creating, and after a reader completes my books they understand why the title was chosen, loving my play on words.

7.Q Name four things you would like to accomplish in the next four years?

A. Expanding my brand, seeing my publishing house grow, seeing my clientele list expand, as well as my bank account.

8.Q Besides your books, I've noticed that you also have a blog talk show, tell Examiner how that got started?

A. I started the "Writer's Life Chats" back in 2007 because I was looking to be interviewed for my own book, but people did not want to interview me due to being a new author. This made me create the show as a forum to talk to authors, which has caused me to win several awards for the show, as I enjoy talking to different writers weekly.

9.Q How can new authors get interviewed on your blog show, and is there a fee for the interview?

A. To be considered for the "Writer's Life Chats" writers can visit my website, and the fee is $35.00

10.Q Tell Examiner two of your best gifts, many people don't know about.

A. I have a nonprofit organization called "We Care For Kids", which helps kids with their school supplies each year. I'm also a person that loves to cook.

11.Q Are there any new projects being worked on in your camp, which you can share with Examiner?

A. I have two authors that will be making their literary debut under the "Diva Books Inc" imprint in the fall, as I am also currently working on a novel of my own that will be released later on this year. To stay in the loop of what is going on with me readers can find me on Facebook at, or on Twitter at, and at my website

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