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Meet Airpair, and connect with expert programmers

Airpair Homepage
Airpair Homepage

Jonathon Kresner, an Australian entrepreneur, has been trying to get his business into Y Combinator three times already. On his current and fourth try, they congratulated Airpair on the team. Airpair uses the internet via video chat to connect professional software developers with entrepreneurs. Kresner has been very successful with his company so far. He launched his company in January and has signed up 1,000 professional software engineers already. Since these software engineers have been hired 11 months ago, hundreds of one-hour sessions have been completed.

The successfulness of his company is why he has continuously tried to get on with Y Combinator. Y Combinator is an American company that was founded in 2005 in Silicon Valley. It provides seed funding, advice and connections to more than 500 companies. Some common companies that Y Combinator is connected with are Airbnb and Dropbox. Upon the application, Kresner was among 15,000 other applicants who were also hoping to be accepted into Y Combinator.

Since his company has been accepted into Y Combinator, Kresner is looking forward to the perks of being paired with an already successful company. He said one of the benefits is the chance to pick up more clients from the alumni association. Kresner’s company has already received $20,000 with an addition of $80,000 since the three-month program began with Y Combinator.

The company collision will being in January in Mountain View, California. This location is only 45 minutes away from Kresner’s current base in San Francisco, California. This will also occur on demo day for Y Combinator, where 50 start-up companies will come to present their ideas to investors in Silicon Valley.