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Meeker Raspberry, identified as plant of CARE

Meeker Raspberry identified as 'Plant of CARE'
Sylvia Hoehns Wright

Across the Nation, climatic shifts occur. Challenging, all to identify plants which enable eco sustainable urban suburban landscapes. As a result, for the 2nd quarter 2014 Meeker Raspberry is identified as a Plant of CARE.

Meeker Raspberry, common name for Rubus ‘Meeker’ -

Meeker Raspberry is recognized for its sustainable, drought-and-heat resistance attributes as well as awe inspiring fruit. Developed by Washington State University and released as a new cultivar in 1967, Meeker is vigorous with long fruiting laterals. The predominate cultivar grown in Washington, Meeker is a sweet raspberry with the delicious flavor one expects. Bred to be stronger withstanding mechanical harvesting without loss of quality, it has elevated Washington in status as one of the largest raspberry producing regions in the world. The most widely planted raspberry in Washington and the Pacific Northwest, Meeker represents 80 % of the plants sold in Washington in 2003 and averages almost 70% for 2001-2008. Although more widely used on the west coast, in the Wright Scoop’s garden located in central Virginia, this plant flourished. It is a versatile cultivar with its fruit being usable for fresh, IQF, bulk frozen, juice or puree. For details link to Washington Red Raspberry web site, .

About Plants of Care, plant recognition program –

As a hands-on landscape gardener who participates in nation-wide plant testing programs, the Wright Scoop choses plants that have proven to enable landscape gardens of CARE – inspire people to have a perspective of conservation, accountability, recovery and efficiency in relation to the living green that surrounds them. For details of the Plants of CARE program link to blog, .

About the Wright Scoop –
Spotlighted by Landscape Architect magazine as an Industry ‘mover and shaker’, Wright - the founder of the Plants of Care plant recognition program and recipient of the Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic award - identified Meeker Raspberry as a ‘Plant of CARE’ challenging all to select and install plants that work-well for their region. For details, link to web site or follow activities through facebook group The Wright Scoop or twitter ID WrightScoop.

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