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Wale can benefit from conflict with Meek Mill

Meek Mill disses Wale
Meek Mill disses Wale

Now that a couple of days have passed since the Meek Mill and Wale social media blow-up, and the hip-hop universe has taken a collective deep breath, there's only one way to realistically resolve the situation: Wale has to leave MMG.

Even if the MMG braintrust manufactures some type of peace summit (like the silly 50 Cent and The Game kiss-and-make-up press conference) to announce a truce, the relationship between Wale and Meek seems to be irreparable .

Wale usually ignores slights from other rappers. His reputation for knee jerk emotional outbursts is based on confrontations with media and other non-threatening entities. When another rapper goes at him he very rarely acknowledges it, or if he does, its a few months later when prodded during a radio interview.

So it was extremely interesting when Wale addressed the Meek Mill comments almost immediately. Evidently there's a lot more fire behind the smoke. How long has this animosity been simmering in the MMG camp?

The more important question is why Meek attacked Wale so publicly and personally in the first place? Why wasn't this problem handled with a simple phone conversation? Don't they have conflict resolution specialists on staff at MMG? And considering the bitter tone of Meek's words, "don't even text me" - Wale's perceived lack of support was obviously the final straw in an ongoing conflict.

It's time for Wale to leave MMG - for both personal and artistic reasons.

The MMG/Wale relationship was mutually beneficial. Rick Ross is very intelligent. He looked at the MMG roster, saw Gunplay was his top rapper, and recognized a need for more talent. He signed Wale and Meek, the hottest rappers from DC and Philly.

Ross doesn't get enough credit for his business savvy. He has maintained a position near the top of the rap game for almost 10 years and has never had a platinum selling album. Bringing Wale to MMG gave the label immediate lyrical credibility. When Mr. Folarin walked through the door he was instantly the best spitter in the building.

MMG was also very good to Wale. After experiencing disappointing sales with his debut record Attention Deficit, a quality project that was never really promoted correctly, Wale was struggling to keep his career afloat. But on the strength of a great verse on "No Hands", MMG stepped in and gave Wale a second chance.

MMG delivered the star power and marketing machine that allowed Wale to shine, and he responded with two good albums. MMG consistently provides their artists with incredible visuals and high quality production, but nothing they do is particularly ground breaking. The repetitive materialistic and drug culture references are as uninspired as they are successful.

MMG wasn't a perfect fit for Wale, but it wasn't awkward either, he has enough DC hustler mentality and natural poetic versatility that he's comfortable rapping about any subject. But in his heart Wale wants to push the creative envelope. I mean, think about it. This guy did a mixtape about Seinfield, and he even got Jerry to contribute to the project!

Wale wants to do the stuff Kanye West is doing. If you could shoot Wale up with truth serum he would tell you that himself. He would love to have the freedom to make an album like Yeezus. Even Wale's hyper-sensitive rants are Kanyesque.

Wale has said he does not "dumb" down his lyrics - and I believe that to be true, but the bottom line is he's outgrown MMG. He can't make Yeezus at MMG. He needs more control of his career. He doesn't need to be in a position where Tiara Thomas can say, "I couldn't sign with Wale because he doesn't have a label." Wale needs to be a boss.

Lebron James went to Miami and won a couple of championships, and now he's going to leave and establish his own legacy. It's time for Lebron to stand on his own. He knows the Heat will always be D-Wade's team.

Wale also went to Miami (MMG) and was victorious, and now it's time for him to leave as well. No matter how successful MMG becomes it will always be Ricky's team.

The beef with Meek Mill could give Wale an opening to leave MMG on good terms. A golden opportunity to reach his full potential as an artist.

It's time for Wale to stand on his own.

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