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Medium Fleur's 3 ways to tell the difference between intuition and imagination

Medium Fleur
Medium Fleur
Medium Fleur

Slowly you begin to uncross your legs. You open your eyes and come back to the present moment. You’ve just finished a 30 minute meditation session, during which you asked for spiritual guidance. As you mentally posed your question, you received guidance. However, immediately following the opening of your eyes, your questioning mind also returned and asked, “Was that really guidance from Spirit? Or just my imagination?”

“You say God speaks to you, but it’s only your imagination.” These are the words spoken by the inquisitor to Joan of Arc during her trial for heresy. Despite the fact that we are not under intense scrutiny such as that of Joan of Arc to validate messages from Spirit; it can, however, feel daunting when you are not able to clearly discern the difference between your imagination and intuition.

You know information is there, but where did it come from?

Psychic abilities are inherent in everyone. However, as we get older, we are taught to negate our soul’s natural abilities and instead rely on the mind. Of course there is a need for the logical mind, but as we grow spiritually, we are in essence rediscovering our inherent ability to communicate with the divine intelligence through intuition.

Imagination is defined as, “The ability to imagine things that are not real; the ability to form a picture in your mind of something that you have not seen or experienced; the ability to think of new things, or something that only exists or happens in your mind.”

Intuition, on the other hand, is defined as, “The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning, or a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.” Intuitive and psychic information involves translating information from Spirit in a vibratory form, while receiving information involves hearing, seeing and/or knowing.

Ways to receive information from Spirit are known as:

  • Clairsentience (sensitive ability to perceive vibration)
  • Clairvoyance (ability to receive by seeing images, words and symbols)
  • Clairaudient (ability to receive by hearing sounds, words and voices)
  • Intuitive Healing (healers may feel, see, or hear about the problem)

So how then do you receive information from Spirit? And how do you know if it’s your intuition or your imagination?

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to attend an informative workshop with Medium Fleur which answered the aforementioned questions.

Famously known as Medium Fleur, "I realized early on that nobody was drawing people the way I was with colors around them.” Fleur states, “As a kid, after a while you start seeing that no one else is seeing what I’m seeing and you kind of shut up about it.” Although, Fleur’s parents were surprised “by the accuracy of her stories and tales of people she’d see,” Fleur simply attributed her habits to an overactive imagination. Years later, Fleur has firmly grounded herself in her ability to communicate with Spirit and teaches others that it’s not always “just your imagination”.

According to Fleur, intuition can be grouped primarily into three areas when intuition will inherently be strong:

  1. What you love (usually connected to your passions)
  2. Who you love (people you love)
  3. Survival (when you are in danger)

Your role, as you continue to raise your energetic vibration, is to identify where your Soul Center is. Medium Fleur asked participants to identify where your soul resides in your body. Where in your body have you previously received intuitive information that was correct? I was able to quickly identify my abdominal area as my soul center.

Fleur suggests dedicating time to re-connect with your soul center on daily basis. As this center strengthens you will be able to use this as a framework of which information to trust.

The exercise to help strengthen the soul center consisted of a visualization of white light amplifying the soul center.
See the white light (beam) expanding up from your soul center through the top of your head, going up toward the sky and as far into the heavens as you can imagine. Next, let the light descend from the heavens, down from the sky, through your ceiling and back into your body stopping once again at the soul center and amplifying the white light at this center. I found this to be an empowering visualization to do before my nightly meditation.

Once the soul center is identified, Medium Fleur presented three ways to distinguish between your soul information or imagination:

  • Does the information come in immediately, without delay so there is no time to imagine?
  • Does the information come out of nowhere and lead you to more information? Or is the information “dead” and doesn’t lead to anything else?
  • Does the information resonate with your soul energy?

According to Fleur, “Information from intuition is hugely based on where you feel it. Usually you’re not emotionally entangled with the information. For example, if you’re emotionally triggered by the information, your feelings are biased and this is not intuition.”

Fleur clarified that our soul voice is ours, and ours alone, and the most important thing is to trust yourself. Intuition is not some obscure ethereal vibration available only to those who possess special psychic abilities. Rather it is a constant source of wisdom and guidance from within when one is open to listening, awareness and discovery. When an intuitive message is received you are being offered an opportunity for expressing the information you have been given. The additional spiritual component is the choice, the free will, to accept the invitation or to refuse it.

You may have never thought of yourself as psychic, but everyone has a sixth sense. If you can learn to hone your intuition and trust it, know that, “Your intuition will tell you where you need to go; it will connect you with people you should meet; it will guide you toward work that is meaningful for you - work that brings you joy, work that feels right for you.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the light-hearted yet insightful presentation by Medium Fleur.

In addition to monthly workshops in the Los Angeles area, Fleur provides weekly live readings on BlogTalkRadio at 11:00AM.

To watch interviews and demonstrations visit Medium Fleur on YouTube, or at to schedule a group or private reading.

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