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Medium claims she saw a ghost while investigating Hanley Town Hall

Could Hanley Town Hall be haunted?
Could Hanley Town Hall be haunted?
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According today from U.K. paper, "The Sentinel" a medium has reported that a ghost is roaming Hanley Town Hall. Christine Walsh, claimed that she saw the head of a man appear to her in the public gallery of the Town Hall's old courtroom. Walsh also saw floating lights that surrounded the ghostly head. She made a note that the man looked angry.

Walsh backed up her story by doing her own research. She found out that a man in 1880 died outside of the courtroom. Could that be the man she seen?

"The Sentinel" also reported last year in an article called, "Are these the 10 scariest places in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire" that Hanley was number one on their list of the haunted places. So it's been noted before that people think that the place is haunted.

Walsh's incident is the most recent one that happened at Hanley Hall.