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Mediterranean pinwheels

Here’s a mostly raw recipe that is fun and easy to make as well as supremely delicious. I’ll just say right out of the gate that cutting these into pinwheels is just too much trouble for me on an average day. I leave each rolled tortilla whole, and I recommend rolling it like a burrito to keep all the good stuff inside when you eat it. However, if you don’t mind taking the time to cut these into pinwheels for your guests, you might also want offer each guest a small dish of extra hummus to dip them in for an extra blast of flavor.

Be sure to read the article that goes with the recipe. Nick the Macheesmo guy is really funny. He talks about making these to serve to guests coming over to watch the big game, and I especially loved the line, “ might not be a terrible idea to supplement your one pound burgers stuffed with chicken wings with an actual vegetable so your arteries don’t collapse halfway through the second quarter.” Good point, Nick! I agree.

Feel free to substitute any hummus you like for the one Nick suggests here. Sabra is my favorite commercially made hummus, and it comes in a variety of flavors. Just pick one you like. I’m kind of partial to the pine nut one and the red pepper one, but I tried the artichoke and spinach one per the recipe, and it was excellent. Or you could make your own hummus; it’s easy to make.

You could also conceivably change out some of the vegetables in this, but I recommend making it the way he says the first time through. You may decide you don’t want to change anything after all. You could use the mixed salad greens that Nick uses--Kroger has boxed mixed greens for $1.49--or something a little more tame, like romaine or spinach. In fact, if you wanted to avoid the carbs in the tortilla, you could actually use a romaine leaf, scoop up some hummus with the sturdier end, and pile on the toppings; no rolling even needed.

Instead of flour tortillas, I use the Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted wholegrain tortillas, which are practically a health food themselves. They do contain soy, but at least it’s organic soy; in fact, all the ingredients are organic. These aren’t as easy to roll as a flour tortilla but they have a lot more redeeming nutritional value plus extra flavor and texture.

Those pinwheels are pretty cute, I have to admit, but I just want to keep it simple. Cutting these up at least in half does make them easier to handle, but they’re going to be kind of messy to eat no matter what, so don’t worry about it. Just eat them over a plate.

Cutting the vegetables up does not need to be a big deal. I cut the cucumber matchsticks really quickly by cutting the cucumber lengthwise into two halves and cutting each half into long strips and then turning it sideways to cut the strips into shorter lengths. If you have any kind of a gadget that lets you push vegetables through a dicing blade, you can make matchstick vegetables quickly that way too. The Salad Chopper with one of its dicing blades will work, or if you have a La Presse or similar device you could use that instead.

What’s great about these is that they have a robust flavor even though most of the ingredients are just plain vegetables. The red onion and the hummus add just the right zing. There’s no reason you couldn’t add a little seasoning besides the salt and pepper too if you wanted. For me, they’re great the way they are, but some Greek oregano would work great in them if you need a little extra flavor.
Try these. Even if you’re not a total fan of raw vegetables, I think you’ll like them. This is one of those recipes that proves you don’t have to give up flavor to eat (mostly) raw.

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