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Meditation introducing the 5 Aquarian chakras

“The new frontier of human evolution is one that connects us in a deep and meaningful way…” ~Ronna Prince

5 chakras are integrated with the 7 traditional ones

Ronna Prince is founder of Modern Mastery™, Global Wholeness Corp, HeartMath Coach, Workshop Leader and Inspirational Speaker. In this fascinating meditation Ronna introduces the 5 Aquarian chakras, leading listeners through awareness and integration of the 5 Aquarian chakra centers of the body. In addition, she is the writer and producer of “Sacred Journey of the Heart,” a film about the science and spirit of our connection.

These 5 Aquarian chakras are significantly different from the 7 traditional chakras. The Aquarian color themes of coral, gold, olive, turquoise and royal blue are created by the blending of the chakra color below and above the Aquarian chakra. Throughout the meditation, Ronna provides focus on the specific areas of the body within the location of the chakra.

Ronna provides the purpose and functionality of these 5 chakra centers. These 5 chakras are integrated with the 7 traditional ones, combing to a full 12 chromatic chakra expression in a being. The result is a full embodiment of awakened spiritual expression in human form.

When the focus is only on balancing the 7 chakras, the work is with the spiritual aspect of energy centers. When the 5-human based chakras are activated, expanded and bridged with the 7 traditional, the body is more fully enlivened.

Ronna shares the 7 traditional centers are correlated primarily with the endocrine organs and the 5 Aquarian chakras correlate with the immune system organs.

The information and sense of integration felt upon completing this inspirational and innovative approach to subtle anatomy is new and exciting.

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