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Meditation Basics


Meditation is the key to a healthy, peaceful lifestyle. It can be used for stress and anxiety relief, personal insight, relaxation, energy, a more restful sleep and a bridge to manifesting and channeling all that you desire in your life.

Sacred Space

Make a special space for your meditation. It can be a corner of a room with a pillow on the floor, or even an entire room geared for meditation. Some prefer a garden setting. Whatever works for you! Be sure it is a place that you can be alone and not be disturbed for the duration of your meditation. You may also burn oils or incense to create a more relaxing ambience in your sacred space.


Find music that relaxes you. Flutes and harp are relaxing instruments. Running water or nature sounds may resonate with you. Music is very personal, so go with feels right to you. Play it at a low volume during meditation.

Be Comfortable

Wear loose fitting clothes, cotton or anything that breathes. Do not wear anything complicated or restricting. Be sure to use a pillow or sit in a comfortable chair. Keep this area the same, so when you sit down, your body and mind know it is time for meditation. Our body enjoys routine and it will help prepare you each time to relax.


Sit in a lotus position if you can, or simply cross your legs and rest your hands on your knees. If you are in a chair, keep your feet flat on the floor. Always keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Roll your head around and from side to side to let your neck know it should relax.


Breathing is the most important part of meditation. The more deeply you breathe, the more relaxed you will be. It allows your mind to let go, your spirit to begin projecting out of body. Try a five count breath in through your nose, ten count breath out through your mouth. Repeat five times. Enjoy the moment, feel present with each breath. Let it take you into the meditation. Each time your mind begins to wonder, let your breath lead you back. Focus on your breath. Imagine inhaling a wind of wisdom and energy, exhaling a fire filled with old issues. Allow these breaths to take you into a deep, peaceful state of being, relaxed and aware of your inner world. Enjoy the moment and love yourself.


Consciously imagine a warm, golden liquid melting down from above, over your head, slowly melting over your neck, shoulders, down your arms. Allow the liquid to slowly drip over your back, your chest, over your stomach and hips. Feel it smoothing over your legs and covering your feet. Allow each drop to relax your body completely. Let the warmth penetrate your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and embraced by love. You are now ready to begin your meditation.