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Medipronto Changing Medical for good


Corey Seaman wants to revolutionize health care. This will help ID the patient and their injuries. First responders could have all the information needed to properly treat an injured person. Here is his mission:

Change Medicine making it a global network.
Save lives by providing a faster response time.
Stop narcotics from hitting the streets and affecting the youth.
Save trees by eliminating unnecessary use of paper.
Save kids and adults lives involved in accidents or who have preexisting conditions.

They are using the funds towards getting this technology into the market eventually leading to hopefully every hospital in the America using Medi Pronto and saving millions of lives.

MediPronto is a medical company founded in 2014 by Corey J. Seaman. MediPronto is a patented system that works for all medical facilities. The function, allows for doctor’s offices, EMS staff, and hospitals to access patient information instantly. The system works by having the staff member simply scan the patient’s I.D. The system is based around the thought of one of your loved ones being in a car accident, the EMS staff has little information about your loved one, no known information about medications they are on, recent surgeries, and any known other known medical issues being readily on hand to assist them. With this information handy at the scene this will help the responder instantly know all the information possible to help your loved one during the unfortunate and unthinkable, saving precious minutes and seconds that will prove to be valuable.Perks include sitting in on a meeting, invitation to the conference, shirts and posters.

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