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Medieval Times, entertaining and educating young and old

Medieval Times, the dinner and tournament spectacular, has long been a family favorite. Transporting guests back to medieval Spain, the grandeur of a royal tournament keeps guests cheering for their knight while enjoying a celebratory feast. While families are familiar with entertainment, youth groups can enjoy the event and learn a little too.

Medieval Times, families and groups enjoy the dinner and tournament-slide0
Cristine Struble
Medieval Times, dinner and tournament
Cristine Struble

Medieval Times offers a variety of special packages for youth groups, scout groups and large parties. For example, the Scout Trip offers a special Medieval Patch for attending. Incorporated into the show are many question/answer portions. These topics help re-enforce the topic that the kids are learning. Sometimes the kids don't realize that they are learning in the middle of the show.

Whether coming as a group or as a family, the show is accompanied with a grand fest. Just a reminder, guests are entering into a different time and land. Utensils are not part of the meal, but the food doesn't need them. From the baby dragon (the chicken) to a sweet pastry, the meal doesn't distract from the grandeur of the show.

A few aspects of the show are always fan favorites. The falconry demonstration produces many oohs and a few head ducks. As the falcon soars and dives around the arena, guests witness the grace and power of this majestic bird.

The pinnacle of the show is the ultimate joust between the knights. Having endured months of training, this show of strength, precision and courage is breathtaking. The clash of the swords, the speed of the horses, and the bravery of the knights keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Don't forget to cheer loudly for your knight and you may be rewarded for your support.

Medieval Times is located in Schamburg, IL as well as several other locations across the nation. The castle offers both matinee and dinner shows. Prices can be found at the company's website,

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