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"Medicine of the Prophet/Alkaline Diet and Lifestyle" course starts January 16

1. January 23 The Alkaline Diet - Learn the basics of how to cook alkaline meals. Know which foods and acidic and which ones are alkaline, and why. Learn how to use the principles of alkalinity to control your own health on a daily basis.
1. January 23 The Alkaline Diet - Learn the basics of how to cook alkaline meals. Know which foods and acidic and which ones are alkaline, and why. Learn how to use the principles of alkalinity to control your own health on a daily basis.
Patsy Holden

The Islamic Society of Central Florida (Center for Peace), located at 1021 North Goldenrod, Orlando FL., is proud to offer a new 8-week open-to-the-public course called "Medicine of the Prophet - Alkaline Diet and Lifestyle." The class will cover basic dietary protocols and lifestyle changes that have been shown to greatly improve the health and vitality of those who embrace concepts of alkalinity into their lifestyles. People of all faiths and backgrounds, who are looking to improve their health without the use of prescription drugs or surgery will find the information in this course to be life-changing. Although the book "Medicine of the Prophet" will be used extensively to demonstrate the amount of knowledge that healers in the Middle East had access to 1,400 year ago, other cultural and religious sources of natural healing will be compared as well, including Native American, Hindu and Chinese Medicine. Today, modern research supports what our ancestral healers all over the world already knew about the use of food and water to regulate health. The orientation for the class will be Thursday, January 16, 2014. If you miss the orientation, please contact the Islamic Society of Central Florida in person at 407-273-8363.

8-week course for the Alkaline Diet and Prophetic Medicine
Patsy Holden

There is an epidemic of degenerative diseases and mental disorders that are now being linked to the Standard American Diet (SAD), the abuse and overuse of prescription drugs, the questionable practice of vaccinations, pharmaceutical residues in city tap water and other environmental exposures toxins, and a general acidic lifestyle combined with little or no exercise. But what if a few simple lifestyle and dietary changes could be the difference between dying prematurely from some sort of disease, or living to an old age and feeling great for the whole journey? The content of this eight-week course is designed to give you the basic tools that you need to change your lifestyle and to reverse disease and chronic health conditions that plague your life. The class is open to the public and to people of all religious faiths and cultural backgrounds. This is a problem that is affecting all of humanity.

Coincidentally, the same concept of using an alkalinity and detoxification to fight disease that is common in today's various holistic genres of medicine is virtually identical to the diet and lifestyle advice given in "Medicine of the Prophet" by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya, among other ancient and modern holistic healers from around the world. The book is "about spiritual and physical health. It deals with the preservation and restoration of health and soul and body, chiefly by religious means and the recommendation of the Prophet Muhammad." Although the information in this book is centuries old, the human body has not changed, and therefore still responds positively to the same methods of healing.

Topics covered during the 8-week course include: Alkaline Diet/Lifestyle, Methods of Detoxification, Food as Medicine, Fermenting and Cultured Vegetables, Local Farms and Growing Your Own Food, and a variety of other topics that are common when transitioning from one lifestyle to another. Please view the slide-show for more complete class descriptions.

Patsy Holden (class instructor) has been teaching Alkaline Diet and Food as Medicine classes since 2011. She graduated in 2009 from the University of Central Florida with a Master in Anthropology, and has studied ancient diets and forms of holistic and spiritual medicine from cultures around the world, adopting most of the things she has learned into her own life. Using holistic protocols such as detoxification, diet change, and the use of powerful foods that are well-documented in their ability to heal, she has witnessed the complete reversal of minor, serious and even terminal health problems such as late-stage brain tumors, breast cancer, long-term chronic viral infections, COPD, eczema and adult acne, arthritis, and chronic fatigue and depression. Today, she grows much of her own food in her small suburban garden and promotes local farms and restaurants, and she speaks about the Alkaline Diet and Food as Medicine at various public venues such as churches, women's groups and colleges.