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Medicinal Herbs During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a exciting journey for many women that wish to have kids for the first time or even if they have already had their share of experience. While every pregnancy is different, most women will agree that their will be very difficult situations in every pregnancy. Whether it is discomfort, loss of sleep or nausea, these can all be helped naturally and usually with no side effects. There are also many pharmaceutical drugs but many times these can be dangerous and can have horrible side effects in the development of the baby, in this article you will learn of the many herbs that may help you along the way for a easier and worry free pregnancy.

Women Holding Chamomile Flower

One commonly known herb, ginger, has known to be a great help for women during pregnancy. Not only does ginger contain a lot of nutritional value but it also has medicinal properties that work better than a lot of over the counter drugs. One perk to this herb that can apply to many pregnant women in their early stages of pregnancy is the fact that it can help with nausea. Many women that go through pregnancy can deal with great amount of nausea and can be very displeasing to say the least and some are even hospitalized for it if severe enough, many studies have shown ginger root to be very effective in the relief of nausea.

Another great herb for a health pregnancy would be red raspberry leaf tea. This tea can be pretty bitter but it is great for toning the uterus and helping to support a healthy pregnancy so there are fewer complications present. Also it can be used to help things happen more quickly or expedite a pregnancy, this would be ideal for smaller women. Since this tea is bitter you may want to mix it with someone sweet like spearmint or chamomile.

The next herb that I would like to discuss to help a pregnancy or maybe even after is chamomile. Chamomile has a benefit that almost any pregnant women would not resist, a sleeping aid. Many times a person may experience insomnia or loss of sleep, which would usually occur more often during the last trimester of pregnancy as the discomfort can greatly rise. Even after pregnancy loss of sleep is possible, chamomile is a great relaxer and might give you some comfort.

Now these are all safe herbs to use during pregnancy but take into consideration that though all herbs are great, not all are safe during pregnancy. Some can increase or rush the menstrual can cause some complications that should not be present. Some examples of such herbs can be: goldenseal, blue cohosh with can induce labor and pennyroyal. Always make sure you are using the right herb as some can have similarities in looks and taste as well and lastly it may be great to have a herbalist or holistic doctor at your side along the way just for precaution but anybody can use herbs for their own benefit.

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