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Medication is key.

The correct medication usually plays a big factor in the road to recovery. For some people it can be very difficult to find the right medication. So it is important that once the right medicine is found the patient should always take it as prescribed. Even after recovery is reached, the medication is still needed.

The important thing to remember is not to pull away from the reasons why one is feeling better. Sometimes when people start to heal they begin to feel like they don't need their meds. That is the exact opposite of what the truth is. Mental illness is very complicated when it comes to symptoms and medication. This is why when recovery is obtained patients need to stick with what got them to that point.

My advice to anyone thinking about dropping their meds is think again. If at some point medicine can be stopped it should be ordered by a doctor only. Taking it upon oneself to stop medication is only asking for worse things down the road. Recovery is too rewarding to go backwards.

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