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Medicare Advantage Plans Senior Health Insurance

Long lines may be a reality for seniors who can least tolerate waiting for hours. The latest victim of budget cuts may very well be the 14 million American seniors and people with disabilities who rely on Medicare Advantage for access to quality care. The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services announced the popular program will have 2.2-percent cut from it's already decreasing budget. These cuts are on top of the 2010 Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obamacare) reductions.

Doctors already agree to receive reduced rates from Medicare Advantage plans in exchange for accepting patients. If Medicare Advantage receives lower payments from CMS, they will pay doctors less. This can cause many doctors to leave the program entirely and only a few will be left to deal with the millions who need service.

Medicare Advantage is operated by private companies who know how to manage funds more effectively than the government. Seniors enrolled have better health due to better coverage and managed care. Without Medicare Advantage, seniors will be back on Traditional Medicare and have more chronic conditions which require more medical care. This will increase taxpayer costs.

People must be able to maintain their coverage at current levels. Decreasing funding will put seniors choosing between health care and food. That's right, without Medicare Advantage, seniors will go back to paying 25-percent for hospital stays and doctor visits. Do we really want our grandparents health to suffer because of political games. Tell your Senator and Representatives to cut the budget by cutting their office expenditures.

Don't like this idea? Comment below and tell the Senate and House what you think--what areas would you cut budgets???


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