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Medical Marijuana: Medican (OTCBB:MDCN) appoints former New Mexico Gov. to board

Medican Enterprises Inc. (OTCBB:MDCN)  has appointed Gary Johnson to its board of directors, effecitive
Medican Enterprises Inc. (OTCBB:MDCN) has appointed Gary Johnson to its board of directors, effecitive

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has been appointed to the Medican Enterprises Inc. (OTCBB: MDCN) Board of Directors, announced today via press release from the company.

Johnson made headlines this year calling on President Obama to make a federal action to decriminalize marijuana last month. In an article published in late February by The Sunshine State News he said, "One of the greatest offenses against liberty over the past several decades is the failed War on Drugs,” Johnson emailed supporters on Tuesday. “Millions of lives have been adversely impacted by arrests and convictions for simple possession of marijuana, and billions of tax dollars have been spent prosecuting Americans for a simple choice that even President Obama admits is no more harmful than consuming an alcoholic beverage."

However, his stance on marijuana is nothing new.

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In 2010, he was quoted by Outside Magazine (via the Huffington Post) stating, "Pot smokers may be the largest untapped voting bloc in the country...A hundred million Americans have smoked marijuana. You think they want to be considered criminals?" In an interview with the The Weekly Standard, he admitted to using the drug from 2005-2008. Johnson said it was for medicinal purposes to ease the pain of a 2005 paragliding accident in Hawaii. He added, "someone" who cared for him gave him the drug to deal with the pain. A link to the full interview can be found here.

Meanwhile, the news has benefited the bio-pharmaceutical company, known for its pharmaceutical grade cannabis. The company closed today's trading up 0.45, trading at 3.00 (+17.65%). The jump started for $MDCN Feb. 21, when the stock jumped from $1.32 to $2.40 in four days. The penny stock then leveled off Feb. 25 - 28 around $2.00 a share and jumped again to $2.41 March 3. Medican hit its highest point March 6, trading at $3.63, before falling back to $2.55 Tuesday.

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