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Medical Transcriptionists! You Are an Integral Part of Someone’s Medical Journey

Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Transcriptionist
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It has been said that medical transcription was one of the few careers to have stayed strong in the economic downturn of 2008. Now, in 2014, the economy has improved considerably and medical transcription is easily at its peak. With more and more jobs being added to the industry, it’s safe to assume medical transcription is here to stay. This makes you think about the need for medical transcriptionists in the medical industry today and the integral role they play in someone’s medical journey.

Jobs are not that difficult to find in this field. There’s a list of companies you could apply for medical transcriptionist jobs. Institutes like CareerStep offer medical transcription programs as well as graduate assistance to help you find a job.

If you feel medical transcription is for you, here’s a closer look the incredible role medical transcriptionists play in someone’s medical journey.

The medical transcription process

Simply put, the medical transcription is a three-step process best defined as follows:

  • Medical professional uses a Dictaphone to record their data. These audio tapes are then sent over to medical transcriptionists.
  • Medical transcriptionists then download these files to transcribe them.
  • These written transcribed files are then checked for quality and accuracy before being sent back to the physicians for record keeping and future use.

Understanding the need for medical transcriptionists

Any healthcare facility, regardless of its size, needs to produce written records of patient meetings, admissions, patient histories, conversations, prescribed method of treatment etc. These written documents are used for medical insurance purposes, record-keeping as well as maintaining a record of the treatment provided. Additionally, it’s important for these documents to be written in an easy to understand language and format. This is where medical transcriptionists step in. Right from getting admitted to a healthcare facility, to filing medical insurance claims, prescribing treatment and getting discharged, written records need to be maintained and medical transcriptionists help do exactly that.

Medical transcriptionists bring order into the system

Most often, physicians and doctors are hard-pressed for time. So when it comes to maintaining records, these are usually done in a hurry. There’s a very good chance these records lack accuracy and order and since the U.S. healthcare is largely based on processing insurance claims and maintaining detailed medical records, the services of medical transcriptionists are called upon to ensure each transcribed line is grammatically correct, free of spelling mistakes and accurate in terms of the medical terminology used. The reports are then used for record-keeping and future use by the physicians.

Medical transcriptionists help doctors and physicians stay productive

Imagine a world where doctors and physicians spent all their time writing down patient histories, records and diagnoses. Needless to say they wouldn’t be very productive. Medical transcriptionists step in to take this task off their hands. By performing these duties, they take care of all the printing and as a result, doctors and physicians can focus on doing what they do best while medical transcriptionists take care of the written medical records and documents.

Better care and treatment

Well-transcribed, comprehensible documents make it easy for doctors and physicians to get acquainted with patient histories and provide medical care accordingly. This in turn affects the lives of the patients. Mistakes or omissions could have grave results, but the good thing is that all of this can simply be avoided by enlisting the services of a well-trained, well-experienced medical transcriptionist.

Medical transcription has progressed leaps and bounds over the past few years and as more and more trained medical transcriptionists get added to the healthcare industry each year, the overall quality of care, treatment and service is only going to get bigger and better.

Medical transcriptionists play an integral part of someone’s medical journey, be it a patient or a physician. Now you know why.