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Medical tourism in northern Colorado

Quality medical care in Colorado
Quality medical care in Colorado

Did you know that many Canadians are traveling to Colorado to seek medical treatment?

Seems odd, eh?  While Canada has national healthcare, there are still issues with waiting times and treatment limitations.  Therefore, some Canandians are traveling to northern Colorado because care is reasonable in price, and in the case of a needed procedure, many are willing to travel and pay, rather than wait.

This has been a boon to local medical facilities, who are already hurting because of cuts in Medicare reimbursement levels and by insurance companies who are also squeezing providers by lowering reimbursement rates.  Medical billing advocates can help by pre-negotiating rates with local providers.  The benefits to northern Colorado facilities and surgeons are that they are paid in cash, up front for procedures.

Medical Billing Advocacy of the Rockies is located in Loveland Colorado, and can help negotiate significant discounts for out of country patients seeking care in this area.