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Medical testing for men 18 to 80 plus for better health

Everyone women and men alike should think about their good health or lack of it. For men and women this is very important to stay healthy and live longer happier lives.

Medical tests for men
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Most men don’t like to visit their doctor especially if they think nothing is wrong in the first place. But remember it is always safer to get health check-ups routinely and know your in top shape then to let them linger on and on until it’s too late and there is nothing the doctors can do to save your life.

Some very important tests for men to think about taking are:

Eye exam: this tests a persons eye health and vision. The American Optometric Association recommends for men ages 18 to 60 to be tested every 2 years and men 61 and older to test yearly.

Prostate cancer screening: this test checks for warning signs of prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends for men to start getting tested at the age of 50.

Diabetes Screening: is a test to check for high blood sugar. The American Diabetes Association recommends for men to be tested at age 45 then every 3 years there after.

Colon Cancer Screening: is testing for colon cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends men age 50 should be tested yearly.

Get to a doctor and have a check-up if you haven’t already. Make routine appointments and take care of yourself. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Note: All of the above are general suggestions on when a man needs to be tested for the medical conditions listed. If for any reason you think you need to be tested for any medical condition at all no matter what your age, go see your doctor and find out. The sooner you find a problem the easier it is to fix and could save your life.

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