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Medical supply company will hire 250 people

Med-Care Diabetic & Medical Supplies will move to a larger facility and increase its staff from 550 to 800 people. Med-Care is a very large diabetic supply companies and is now hoping to find people qualified in the areas of customer service representative, patient advocates, administrative assistants, and information technology. Average salaries will start at $50,000 and go higher and students from Florida Atlantic University are being recruited, according to an article by Marcia Heroux Pounds in the August 15 Sun Sentinel.

These are the types of jobs that are highly sought in the South Florida region.

"I am glad that a company like Med-Care is offering good paying jobs that offer advancement. This is the type of job I might like to apply for," said Allison Richie.

"Finally, a company is offering jobs that pay well and offer benefits and advancement. Jobs like this really help the local economy and that helps people like me. I work in retail and if more people have more money to spend that means I can advance in my career," said Beth White.

"It is very good that a medical oriented company is doing well in the South Florida area. I hope we can get more companies like this to locate to South Florida and to offer high paying jobs. The problem with jobs in South Florida is that while they are plentiful, many really don't pay very much and many don't offer much advancement. I am glad to see more good jobs coming to South Florida," said Kelly Hadley.

"This is exactly the type of job I would love to have. It pays well and offers advancement. I just hope I can get a job like this and I will apply to Med-Care," said Bobby Chase.

"This is fantastic and I glad to hear that a major company is offering more jobs. I may apply for one of those positions," said Marilyn Combs.

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