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Medical students are often humiliated by their superiors

Toxic medical education
Toxic medical education

Medical education is a toxic experience. The medical educators are generally not well trained in the art of education and this shows in how they abuse the students. Ego deficient superiors in the medical schools have flunked well qualified students to cover up for their poor teaching. They have also labelled perfectly sane medical students and young physicians as suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in retaliation for criticisms of the abusive conditions in medical school. Michigan State University reported on Sept. 2, 2014 that humiliation is at the top of the list of mistreatment directed towards medical students.

Michigan State University researchers analyzed 12 years worth of national survey data taken from the Association of American Medical Colleges which questioned graduating students about their medical school experience which they survived during the clinical segment of their education. It was found that as much as 20 percent of medical students reported they experienced some form of mistreatment each year.

Furthermore, it was found that just an average of 31 percent of those medical students who indicated they were mistreated
actually reported such an incident to faculty or university administrators. At the top of the list of mistreatment was humiliation or belittlement. This was followed by sexist remarks and requests to do personal favors. This study has been published in the journal Academic Medicine. Evidence of medical student mistreatment has been accumulating for decades. Medical education is basically a nightmare for the students and young physicians.

Medical students and young physicians are usually afraid to report the mistreatment they have to endure due to valid fears of retaliation from their superiors which has the power to ruin their careers, their health and actually their entire lives. This is a pathetic situation with even the courts across the United States generally encouraging such brutal mistreatment of medical students and young physicians by going along with demands for dangerous stigmatizing psychiatric intervention for the abused students and young physicians aimed at covering up the fault of the perpetrators of this abuse.