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Medical student virgin Elizabeth Raine auctions virginity

Elizabeth Raine, medical student, auctions virginity.
Elizabeth Raine, medical student, auctions virginity.

A 27-year-old medical student has jumped on the sell-your-virginity-in-an-online-auction bandwagon, as reported by Hollywood Life on April 30. Although the beautiful blond shows her face on her website, for some reason she’s decided to use the alias ‘Elizabeth Raine.’

This enterprising young woman put herself up for auction on March 31 and all bids must be received by May 7. Still shy of the deadline by one week, Raine’s top bidder has reportedly offered $550,000 for the honor of defiling the virgin.

Raine claims to be selling her virginity for the money (after all, med school is expensive). But she also admits she attracted to the eroticism and scandal of it all.

So just how much freedom will the winner be given when it’s time to consummate this once-in-a-lifetime deal? Anal sex is off the table as well as violence. And no drugs or drunkenness are allowed.

Obviously unable to guarantee a stellar performance for her first-time sexual encounter, Raine says “There will be a legal contract between us. [The winner] may not be happy [with the sex], but he knows what he's paying for.’

Elizabeth Raine’s virgin auction blog is called, “Musings of a Virgin Whore.” You can check out it out here.

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