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Medical student Elizabeth Raine is auctioning off her virginity

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The hypocritical unorthodox sexual lifestyles of doctors which are often filled with kinky sex, booze, and drugs is often a very popular theme in Hollywood movies because there is so much truth to this theme. A medical student, Elizabeth Raine, has come forward to add a new chapter to considerations of what's really going on with sex behind the scenes in America's medical schools. At 27 years old Raine is planning to sell her virginity with the current highest bid standing at $550 000 reported Scallywag and Vagabond on May 1, 2014.

Raine has said she enjoys the intellectual discussions which her auction offers. She is apparently also going to enjoy the huge profits from the sale of her virginity. However, she claims she doesn't actually not need the money and money has not
been the only motivator for the sale of her virginity. She insists her critics are off the mark and condescending. Raine has two bachelor’s degrees in biology and engineering and she is now completing a combined MD/PhD program.

Raine has been working on this project for over a year. It is a deeply personal venture for her. After the bidding is over the winner will enjoy a 12 hour date with Raine in Australia because of the country’s apparent lax prostitution laws. Raine has expressed the feeling that she thinks it is wrong for our society to be so quick to judge and comment on how others, particularly women, conduct their lives. She doesn't think this does anybody any good.

The medical student selling her virginity has simply been using the name Elizabeth Raine to protect her identity reports The Huffington Post. She recently made her face public for the first time. She hopes this will help attract bids from customers who may be otherwise skeptical. Raine says the current top bid posted on her website is $300,000. However, she has said she's received bids near $550,000 which she is in the process of confirming.

At times Raine has said financial gain is a primary reason for selling her alleged purity. However, she also adds adventure, eroticism, scandal, and the chance to challenge everyday norms about virginity as playing into her decision to do this. Raine feels she has gone through a personal transformation because of the open sale of her virginity. She feels more educated about prostitution and virginity.

The winner of her virginity will have to provide Raine with evidence that he has no sexually transmitted diseases. He also has to be willing to wear a condom and he may not be under the influence of booze or drugs during the sexual encounter. He also has to agree not to attempt anal sex or to treat her violently. Raine said she will consider kissing the winning bidder. She even holds out some hope love could come from this encounter. This is all very interesting and opens up considerations for new research into what love between a man and woman is really all about anyway.

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