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Medical Qigong Grandmaster Teaches in Pacific Northwest

Grandmaster Mingtang Xu
Grandmaster Mingtang Xu

Grandmaster Mingtang Xu’s visit to the Pacific Northwest was an overwhelming success. ZY Qigong Seattle put together several opportunities for medical professionals, qigong enthusiasts, and the public to meet and benefit from the Grandmaster’s experience.

Wednesday night the Grandmaster treated current students to an Advanced Meditation seminar which brought in students from around the globe.

Thursday Professor Mingtang conducted a public forum which was also broadcast live worldwide via the Internet. The forum profiled “Image Therapy” one of the many methods employed by ZY Qigong practitioners to diagnose and achieve balance in their patients. The Grandmaster demonstrated the method by the diagnosis of injuries and ailments of a spectator from the audience. A utube video of this amazing demonstration is in the works if you missed the webcast.

Friday Mingtang met with the faculty and students of Bastyr University once again on the subject of Image Therapy.

Saturday a standing meditation room only three hour long lecture and practice session, then it was off to San Francisco and Los Angeles to train his students there.

ZY Qigong Seattle will be bringing the Grandmaster back for the annual Memorial Day retreat starting May 28th. This year’s agenda will include your chance to learn Level IV which is taught rarely by the Grandmaster and can be learned independently of the other levels. This level includes empathetic exchange where the practitioner learns to communicate with plants and animals at deeper levels of consciousness.
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