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Medical Marijuana Winning In Florida

Medical Marijuana Winning In Florida
Medical Marijuana Winning In Florida

The amendment on the 2014 ballot and the bill in the legislature for the legalization of medical marijuana just got a boost from someone you would least expect, Governor Rick Scott. That is right the Governor who is against the legalization in any form of marijuana has given the initiative a boost in the arm. The Governor has just come out and said that he is going to have a media blitz for his re-election campaign but it is not going to go up against marijuana.

That means the grass roots for medical marijuana is not going to have to fight a media campaign that would make it questionable in winning. John Morgan who is running the grass roots amendment campaign has said that if needed he would dip into his firms 20 million that he spends each year on commercials. Ex Governor Crist, who works with Morgan must be happy as a clam with all these announcements. That means his campaign to be Governor won't have to use money for medical marijuana commercials. Thus leaving him the opportunity to match Scott's media blitz.

The polls taken for each of the initiatives are in favor of the legalization of the plant. The Legislature has proposed for the Charlotte's Webb form of the drug that has the THC lower than most pot where as the Morgan amendment does not decrease the THC effect.

In the state of Florida to win on an amendment issue it has to have a 60% majority. This at the moment is not a problem Most polls have it above that mark with room to spare. With no media blitz attacking the pot issue from Governor Scott this almost certainly means that the State of Florida will have some legalization by November. With the hopes of maybe a Colorado type legalization to follow.

There are already classes being held as to how to grow it, process it and distribute the marijuana when it becomes legal. In other words, we have won. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to