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Medical Marijuana: The Weed Named Charlotte's Web

Medical Marijuana: The Weed Named Charlotte's Web
Medical Marijuana: The Weed Named Charlotte's Web

Charlotte Figi was born with a severe strain of Epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. The young girl would have some 300 seizures a week. Her parents Matt and Paige were at their wits end. They had tried everything that science could do. It was still no good, the young girl was still at the mercy of her seizures. They had heard of a group of farmers that had been able to take the Marijuana plant and rather than work on getting the highest THC levels they were working on what is called the CBD levels. The Cannabidiol form of Marijuana sometimes called the Hippies Disappointment bercause it does not get you high, has been found to help with children who suffer with seizures.

The Stanley Brothers along with two doctors Margaret Gedde and Alan Shackelford were able to come up with a strain of oil that is digested. Charlotte's seizures dropped dramatically from 300 a week to one or two a month.

A documentary called 'Weed' was made and it took off like a wildfire. Everybody with children that were sick with seizures and cancer all came looking to Colorado, where the Figi's live, as well as, the Stanley Brothers.

When asked why does this form of marijuana work so well on epileptic seizures Alan Shackelford simply stated "I don't Know". You see there haven't been many studies on this form of the plant. One reason is because the United States still considers marijuana an addictive weed.

What is known is that for the last several years a small group of children have moved to Colorado because for the first times in their young lives they are almost normal children. They are able to go out and play and enjoy life. Yes, they still have to take their oil extract but their lives are much better. Sadly they are not allowed to travel because not every state acknowledges medical marijuana.

Recently in a committee meeting in the Florida Legislature, Senators heard the horror stories of several parents about how their children were in dire need of this form of marijuana and that some of the parents have already illegally been dispensing it to their children. The tears in the room were not coming just from the parents but from the grown men of the Legislature. Some of which are die hard conservatives. This has hit many people at the core of their being and it's time for studies and legalization so that our children can have a fighting chance. It's time that we stop thinking as politicians but as human beings. God put everything on this planet for our benefit and it's time to take the dark stigma off of marijuana and acknowledge that it has some good. For some it is their only hope and their last chance for a normal life. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to