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Medical Marijuana Taking The Country By Storm

Medical Marijuana Taking The Country By Storm
Medical Marijuana Taking The Country By Storm

This summer many states will have already voted to pass Medical Marijuana for its usage in their respective states. If it doesn't pass in the legislature in the state of Florida then it will be voted on by the public in the general election. Today the Florida legislature heard testimony about the good and bad of Charlotte's Web marijuana. This is the kind with low to none THC and CBD which is what helps children with epilepsy and other conditions like cancer and chemotherapy.

As a matter of fact, Senator Tom Libous who is suffering from cancer and taking chemotherapy said that he would use it if it was legal for him to do so. Many have come over to the side or reason and have stated that they feel it is time to help those in need. For many years, the Federal government has know that CBD in Medical marijuana is a help and not a hindrance. They even went so far as to patent it. They have been denying many over the years to do research because for some felt that it may lead to the closure of some government agencies, like the DEA.

There is big money behind the push for the legalization of Medical Marijuana. In Florida. We have Attorney John Morgan using his empire to first get it on the ballot in the fall but to also make sure it passes. Billionaire George Soros has used some 80 million dollars over the last twenty years to try and get Marijuana legalized.

In the State of Colorado yesterday 4/20 celebrations were being held all over the state. That's right people were outside in the spring air and smoking pot any way they could. So far in Colorado the tax that is coming in over the sale of legal pot is staggering and above what everyone thought it would be.

The times they are changing and it looks like at the end of this year some 25-30 states will have legal Medical Marijuana being used by it's citizens. It is now up to the American voter to make up his or her mind this summer to decide whether it is time to stop listening to people who have been watching millions suffer all these years and actually use a drug to stop the seizures and to help those in pain. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to