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Medical Marijuana Receives Government Approval for Testing

Medical Marijuana Receives Government Approval for Testing
Medical Marijuana Receives Government Approval for Testing

The University of Arizona received approval from the Obama Administration to study the effects of Medical Marijuana on Veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress. Now if the study should show some positive effects then the possibility of more uses for Marijuana may be on the horizon.

This is a big step because for most of the last 13 years the United States has had a patent (6630507) for testing the effects of Medical Marijuana and the DEA has always shot down the efforts of those who wish to see what Marijuana can do on a positive note. Now the DEA still has to sign off on this proposal but with the growing demand for Medical Marijuana they may feel obligated this time to allow the research to be done.

There is only one single farm run for government testing in the U.S. It is located in Mississippi and the National Institute on Drug Abuse has always been negative to the idea of allowing research that might find positive uses for the plant. In other words up to this point most Government agencies that would have to sign off on this haven't wanted to because to be honest it may put them out of business.

You know whats funny is Suzanne Sisley an assistant professor of psychology at the university's medical school submitted this proposal three years ago. She just never gave up trying and finally has been given approval.

The Government came out and stated that this is not a change in policy but that it recognized Sisley's proposal met all the required criteria for the study.

For years many researchers have been trying to get through the red tape that the Government agencies have always put in place. Now, due in large part to having the individual states also backing up researchers, the Federal Government is feeling the full weight of the growing demand for studies that may prove that Marijuana is able to be a positive rather than just a negative drug. Only time will tell as to what may be found from the study but I guarantee you the country is watching and waiting. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to