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Medical marijuana one step closer to become law in Georgia

"Rep Allen Peake visits with little Haleigh Cox in the hospital!"
"Rep Allen Peake visits with little Haleigh Cox in the hospital!"
WSB-TV Channel 2 Atlanta

Georgia Rep. Allen Peake, who is a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, introduced House Bill 885 allowing for medical marijuana to be legal in Georgia. It passed the committee yesterday.

He introduced the bill after becoming aware that many children are suffering from seizures that had not been controlled by conventional medicine but seemingly has been helped by marijuana oil. – CBC liquid. See video of his visit with child that caused him to champion this cause.

The parents dealing with life threatening attacks on their children feel this may be their only hope. For more information on Rep. Allen Peake check out these two links?

Macon Telegraph:

Georgia House Government Web site:

Be sure to view the video of Rep. Allen Peake (which was made earlier in the year) when he visited little Haleigh Cox in the hospital. After his visit, Peake said, “If this were my child, I would crawl over cut glass to get legislature passed.”

During the debate, (and passing in the committee) it was mandated that this bill have strict and closely monitored restrictions. Since federal law prohibits the transporting of marijuana across state lines, the committee has put forth the idea that two research facilities would be allowed to grow the cannabis plant – not any individual or business. These cannabis farms would be under close scrutiny and control.

The Macon Telegraph reports: “Under the bill, the only five Georgia universities that could apply to grow and synthesize high-CBD liquid medical cannabis are:

Georgia Regents
The University of Georgia

Peake said Morehouse and Mercer have expressed interest if it becomes legal under state law. Both are private schools. No school would be obliged to do medical marijuana work, but they would have the option.

Read more here:

“Channel 2’s Lori Geary was at the state Capitol as some very nervous parents were waiting to see if this bill would clear a major hurdle by getting out of committee.

According to the WSBTV report, the committee debating the bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Georgia (and actually allow cannabis to be grown here) states it would be under tight restrictions. They gave unanimous approval to the bill Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Source: WSBTV

The oil from the plant has to be extracted using a solvent of some kind and sometimes they can be dangerous for consumption. An article was published in Europe called “European Study: What is the Best Cannabis Oil Extraction Method?” After doing their research, they determined that:

“Ethanol and olive oil were determined to be the most effective, largely because of their ability to produce an extract with a high terpene content. Perhaps more importantly, both substances are safe for consumption.”

A mother, Janea Cox, whose little girl, Haleigh, suffers from these types of seizures, is torn between being by the side of her little girl and being at the Capitol trying to fight for a medicine that has the potential to lessen or perhaps stop these seizures.

She said to WSBTV: “We've been in the hospital 6 ½ weeks now,” Janea Cox, told Geary, who says she has been at her daughter's side in the ICU, except when she must be at the Georgia Capitol lobbying to get medical marijuana legal. ‘

Her child, Haleigh, suffers more than a one hundred seizures a day.

This mother and others feel this could be the only medicine that could save the life of their children.

“She was sleeping comfortably today and then all of a sudden she just quit breathing and we had a hard time getting her back. It's getting harder and harder,” Cox said.

There are several parents from the Atlanta area who have taken their children to Colorado where the cannabis oil is already legal and they are reporting amazing results.

Rep Allen Peake who sponsored the bill said that while they are moving fast to get this bill passed fast, they also want to get it right.

Peake said his bill would allow academic research institutions to grow the plant, not businesses or individuals.

“That's the last thing we want is to allow folks to start growing cannabis in their backyard or anyone, even a business, to do it at this point. We're just doing it for academic research centers,” Peake said.

“I think it's a good idea to grow it here, that way they can keep tight regulations on it. And they know exactly when it's being grown, how it's tested,” Cox said. “This could be their last possible hope of living a good life.”

While no one wants an innocent sick child to be denied the help that they need, this plant has caused a lot of controversy over the years because of its effects on mental capacity. Many feel that marijuana used for recreational reasons lead to other more potent and deadly drugs.

Of course, those who use it and compare it to alcohol use will be happy that this plant is being recognized as a legal drug for these specific uses for their own agendas.

If this passes and becomes law in Georgia, it will be known as the “Haleigh Hope Act.” That is what this bill is about… giving hope to these desperate children and their parents.

However, this does not mean that the state is giving the stamp of approval for its use on the street.

Any parent, who has struggled with the other side of marijuana use, including teachers and other educators, will attest to the destructive effect it has had on teens in Georgia. Many try it for the first time only to be hooked on its effects and when that is not enough, they turn to more deadly drug use.

Georgia took a big step in recent years to ban the sale and use of fake marijuana imported into Georgia and sold in a variety of places including service stations.

For articles about this banned substance in Georgia you may wish to learn more here.

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