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Medical Marijuana Makes Gains Nationally

Medical Marijuana Makes Gains Nationally
Medical Marijuana Makes Gains Nationally
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The Congress of the United States is looking at the possibility of passing the medical marijuana called Charlotte's Web nationally. What is so funny is that the government has for decades held a patent for medical marijuana. Patent number 6630507 has been on the books for decades. It has been the pharmaceutical companies and the DEA who have been fighting medical marijuana. They didn't like the idea of the pot getting any consideration. On one hand that it would cut into their profits on the other that it may put their agency out of business.

Marijuana in recent years has been getting the nod in at least two states who have made it legal for consumption. Colorado and Washington State have made it legal to get high. Some 23 states have made it legal for the use of medical marijuana. The government has actually been thinking of allowing medical marijuana nation wide and it figures since you can't get high with Charlotte's Web that it might be suitable to allow it. Especially since it had finally become known that it really does help with epileptic children. The seizures do decrease dramatically. It is not a cure but it does help bring relief more effectively than the pills that have been on the market.

This past weekend the New York Times came out and said that they felt that Congress should decriminalize marijuana. That's very huge since this is a respected newspaper with a long history. Eventually the government will probably legalize marijuana since even the President has come out and said that pot is better than alcohol in that there is more per se accidents under the influence of alcohol than pot. It is about time that pot got the respect it deserves rather than be the evil weed that it was portrayed in the 1930's movie 'Reefer Madness'. For too many years governments have made us believe that pot is the stepping stone to harder drugs. Which is rather silly if you think about it.

If Congress does pass the use of Charlotte's Web then complete legalization can't be far behind. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to