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Medical Marijuana Is Law In Florida

Medical Marijuana Is Law In Florida
Medical Marijuana Is Law In Florida

Governor Rick Scott signed into law the form of medical marijuana known as Charlotte's Web. This is the type that has a low THC content. This will help many children and adults who suffer from epilepsy and suffer from seizures. This will also help with cancer and other similar diseases. Scott said he would back this form but that he had reservations about the medical marijuana that is on the ballot in the November elections.

Amendment 2 refers to the form of medical marijuana that will have a high THC content but will also help with the pain and nausea that most people suffer from say chemo treatments. This form has been sponsored by Attorney John Morgan out of Orlando. He felt compelled to get involved when his father had cancer and suffered from nausea and pain from the treatment of chemo. Former Governor Charlie Crist who is running against Rick Scott favors Amendment 2 where Scott doesn't.

Lately Amendment 2 has been taking some flack from those people who didn't want any form of marijuana to be legal in the state of Florida. Some of those speaking out have been Sheriffs in the State of Florida. They feel that if one form of marijuana is legal then eventually all marijuana will be legal.

The state now has a year to get the distribution along with the dispensing of Charlotte's Web to those in need. Now if Amendment 2 passes then we have a whole new ball game. Really though with the latest poll showing 88% if those polled amendment 2 will also become law.There will be those who will try to still do things illegally but if done correctly then we shouldn't have too much if a problem.

This is a good thing for Florida and now if more states can see their way to legalize even Charlotte's Web then many who can benefit from this treatment won't have to break the law anymore. Our government has for the last 30 years had a patent on medical marijuana and have known its benefits. The DEA and pharmaceutical companies have always tried to stop this from happening. Now that America is aware if what has been taking place we the people can put a stop to the DEA NAZIS who only because they wanted to keep their jobs have hurt so many in the process. The pills that were supposed to work for these children never really did but medical marijuana does curtail the seizures and at least gives the children a chance at a normal life. I want to thank the State of Florida Legislature for finally getting their head out of their ass and for Governor Rick Scott for finally doing something for the people. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to