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Medical marijuana industry awaiting state regulations

Dispensaries selling medical marijuana in Denver and around the state of Colorado are now a legal reality. But the final piece won't be in place until the state legislature finishes its work.  Even so, there are already 100,000 marijuana dispensary cards or applications for cards on file. The City of Denver established its regulations last month. The statehouse hasn't given its blessing yet but it looks like the heavy lifting for them is over, too. Nobody's talking about what the feds think.

Right now, state legislators are no doubt wrestling with the taxation issues for this new revenue source. When the marijuana dispensary bill (HB-1284) gets to the floor, legislators will be able to publicly articulate the scope of regulation as well as what the expected revenue might be and what impact that will have on the state budget and programs. How much revenue can be expected?  How much, in sales taxes, can be harvested from 100,000 cardholders?  What about 500,000 cardholders? What if everybody suddenly gets arthritis and it's 3 million cardholders?

We could get the Capitol dome fixed....and pay cash.

Cash. Instant cash for the people of the state. Last month, the city of Denver pocketed over a million dollars in cash in one month by issuing the dispensary licenses. It's not certain where this money ends up, but we're still hopeful that we'll be seeing a few more potholes fixed.  And maybe now Parks and Rec will quit trying to book movies and festivals in the parks to raise money - it's against the spirit of the city charter and it disturbs the bunnies.




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