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Medical Marijuana II

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The time has come for the State of Florida to legalize medical marijuana. My Mother died of cancer and in the 15 years of her battle she had two radiation treatments, as well as, two chemo treatments. All four times she came home from these treatments she would throw up for days. I firmly believe that if she would have had this herb at her disposal she would not have been violently ill with nausea. Medical marijuana has been documented time after time in the relief of nausea. I also know that it helps because as a young man I smoked marijuana as did many of the people I know. They realize that what I'm saying is true. I feel we are all grown up now and that we can be honest with ourselves. What I'm saying is true. Look, I'm not saying that we should put it into 7-Eleven for regular distribution. I'm saying that certain doctors who specialize in certain medical areas such as cancer should be allowed to prescribe marijuana for patients. If this should make it to the ballot box, I want you to remember that at the age of 14 I was cleaning my Mother's puke off the walls, her clothes, and the floors. Maybe this won't have to happen to any more children and they can remember the good times. I want you to remember a beautiful woman ravaged with cancer becoming violently ill due to her treatment. VOTE YES FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA!

I wrote the above paragraph last year when the State of Florida was looking at the idea of medical marijuana. Once again the Legislature is looking at the idea once again but there are some differences this time around. They actually are listening and it looks like this year it will be voted on. There are two versions of the act. One from the House and one from the Senate. Both are saying almost the same thing. The difference is that one is looking at the straight Charlotte's Web form of marijuana and the other is the same kind but with a different approach to how it gets distributed.

A year later an attorney from Orlando has been able to get a vote on the upcoming ballot for an amendment to legalize medical marijuana. John Morgan using some of his own money has been able to get a vote by the public on the issue. So in essence it's a win, win for the State of Florida.

We will soon know how it fare's in the Legislature and we will know in November where we stand with the public. It's good times for the State of Florida. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to