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Medical marijuana: Governor Christie forcing parents to spend more money

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Medical marijuana has been a hot topic nationwide. Yesterday in New Jersey, according to CBS News, Republican Governor Chris Christie sent a medical marijuana bill back to the New Jersey legislature, stating that he will sign the bill into law only under certain conditions.

Governor Christie wants to add a legal requirement that if the psychiatrist and/or pediatrician are not registered with New Jersey’s medical marijuana state program, the parents will be required to obtain a third doctor's approval.

The current bill only requires a psychiatrist and pediatrician’s approval before parents can obtain a medical marijuana prescription for their child.


  1. What health insurance company will pay for so many doctor opinions?
  2. How many parents have the money to pay for three doctor opinions, especially when a physician specialist charges on average $200 just to walk through their door?
  3. Why do Republican politicians, like Governor Christie, believe that they have the right to regulate or deny Americans their freedom of choice, especially for a substance that has been scientifically proven to be safer than alcohol and many prescription drugs?

Politicians claim that they want the government to stay out of the decision making process concerning a patient and their doctor. After all, a physician has much more knowledge about health care, compared to a politician who did not attend medical school.

Yet these same politicians continue making laws that allow the government to come between a doctor and their patient.

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